Based on the success of the “sustainability pilot for School Connectivity”, where the focus was on a sustainable OPEX of less than TZS 35,000, the scale up envisaged through this School Connectivity Scale-Up (“SchoolConnect”) project aims at connecting schools to internet and establishing the path towards a nation-wide sustainable models for school connectivity in Tanzania. The project was designed to contribute to the worldwide effort for school connectivity, mapping of all schools and had to answer the demands in resource constrained environments. Contribute in  achieving the 5th Government connectivity target that aimed in delivering connectivity to some primary schools and to ALL secondary schools to benefit digital education. It was designed to be a multi-stakeholder project that had to engage the Government of Tanzania (GoT), Ministry of Education, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government, Mobile Network Operators (MNO), NonGovernmental Organization (NGO), Universal Communication Service Access Fund (UCSAF), Academic Institutions, Public and Private Organization. Furthermore, the School Connectivity Scale-Up has been brought up as a successful path to the international community, involving a.o. Project GIGA from UNICEF & ITU, UNESCO Global Education Coalition, GSMA. Read More