School Connectivity

The School Connectivity project aims at connecting schools to internet through the mobile network and with a reliable school server providing students a digital education platform, as well as connection to “Internet Lite. Through this project we will contribute to the mapping of all schools and establishing sustainable models for school connectivity in Tanzania. The project is a contribution to the worldwide effort for school connectivity, and will answer the demands in resource constraint environments.

It is designed to be a multi-stakeholder project that will engage the Government of Tanzania (GoT), Ministry of Education, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government, Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Universal Communication Service Access Fund (UCSAF), Academic Institutions, Public and Private Organization. Furthermore, the School Connectivity Project will be brought up as a successful path to the international community

The project is aimed to:

  1. Easy access to educational contents.
  2. Connecting Schools to Internet
  3. Improve teachers and students’ digital capabilities.
  4. Drive the dialogues around Meaningful Connectivity

We have seen how big the divide was in our public schools and private schools. Internet alone cannot be a factor that increases performance in school since we know by fact that there are a lot of contributing factors but with school connectivity we are at a better chance to empower student to access free educational contents online, have extra reading materials for lesson planning by teachers, improve teacher student engagement and prepare students for decent work and economic growth.

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